Most recent job offers

Freelance Deck Op at Bilfinger, Anywhere 19-07-2018
Freelance ETO on AHTS DP2 at Navis Crew Management in Angola 19-07-2018
Freelance Chief Engineer on AHTS non DP (ARAMCO) at Navis Crew Management in Persian Gulf 19-07-2018
Freelance Roustabouts at BRANDER, Anywhere 19-07-2018
Freelance Crane Operators at AGRL Ltd. in Russia 19-07-2018
Freelance 3rd Engineer on ROV Construction vessel at Genesis Personnel, Anywhere 19-07-2018
Freelance Shorex Manager at Faststream, Anywhere 19-07-2018
Freelance 3rd Officer to join container ship at Gretimybe, Anywhere 19-07-2018
Freelance 2nd Engineer for Container vessel Gibraltar flag at Sailinga, Anywhere 19-07-2018
Freelance BARGE MASTER/OIM to join our Non Propelled Self Elevated Jack Up Barge at ASPL Aavishka Shipping Pvt Ltd ASPL Aavishka Shipping Pvt Ltd in UAE 19-07-2018

Most applied to these jobs

Freelance Fleet Nurse - CRUISE Shorebased at Faststream, Anywhere 55 applicants
Freelance Chief Officer SDPO on Jackup at TOS, Anywhere 49 applicants
Freelance Ampelmann Operator at TOS, Anywhere 34 applicants
Freelance 2 ROV PT with 3.3 or 3.4 U certifcate UHD/HD experience at ERSG ltd. in Europe 30 applicants
Freelance ETO on DSV at WRS in North Sea 26 applicants