Job postings by Orca Crew

Freelance ETO on Hopper Dredger at Orca Crew in Europe 20-01-2018
Freelance Experienced ships cook at Orca Crew in UK 10-01-2018
Freelance 3 x CTV Master's till 3000GT at Orca Crew in Germany 03-01-2018
Freelance Nederlandse Maritiem Officier (STCW VII/2) at Orca Crew, Anywhere 02-01-2018
Freelance Nederlandse kapitein voor een kraanschip at Orca Crew, Anywhere 02-01-2018
Freelance Riggers at Orca Crew, Anywhere 30-12-2017
Freelance Chief Officer unlimited with Indian COC on dredger at Orca Crew in India 30-12-2017
Freelance 3/E or 2/E unlimited on DP3 DSV at Orca crew in Gulf of Mexico (GOM) 15-12-2017
Freelance 4 x AB - Fishermen at Orca Crew in North Sea 13-11-2017
Freelance Master with norwegian pilot exemption on cement tanker at Orca Crew in Norway 06-11-2017