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Jobs for Deck Ratings

Freelance AB on reefer vessel at Gretimybe, Anywhere 22-06-2018
Freelance Deck Rating FRC Boatman at Genesis Personnel in North Sea 21-06-2018
Freelance AB on TUG/SUPPLY/SEISMIC at Saga Agency, Anywhere 20-06-2018
Freelance Able Seaman / Deckhands for a split barge hopper at Genesis Personnel, Anywhere 19-06-2018
Freelance AB to join OSV at Grete Ltd., Anywhere 19-06-2018
Freelance AB for PSV DP2 NL flag) at Sailinga in North Sea 19-06-2018
Freelance AB/Crane Operator (Stage 3)-MPSV at WRS, Anywhere 18-06-2018
Freelance Able Seaman for accom vessel at Atlas Professionals, Anywhere 18-06-2018
Freelance AB DP2 CSV at Gretimybe, Anywhere 18-06-2018
Freelance AB with strong anchor handling experience at TOS, Anywhere 18-06-2018

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