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Jobs for IT / ET / Electricians

Freelance ETO on Hopper Dredger at Orca Crew in Europe 20-01-2018
Freelance ETO on AHTS DP2 ARAMCO at Alpha Crew Ltd. in Persian Gulf 20-01-2018
Freelance ETO for DSV/ROV DP3 at TSM, Anywhere 17-01-2018
Freelance ETO on DSV at WRS, Anywhere 16-01-2018
Freelance ETO to join DSV. at WRS in Netherlands 15-01-2018
Freelance ETO on DSV at WRS in North Sea 12-01-2018
Freelance Electrician on PSV at Gretimybe, Anywhere 12-01-2018
Freelance ETO to join on board a DP2 Self-Propelled Jack Up ARAMCO at Morson in Saudi Arabia 11-01-2018
Freelance ETO on a Multi-Purpose Container Ship at Seamariner in Asia 11-01-2018

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