Our Partners

Our Partners

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NordOst Marine Company


Address: 1a Mytna Square, Odessa Ukraine 65026


Phone/Fax: +380 (48) 729-43-09, +380 (48) 729-43-10


Mobile phone: +380 (93) 576-26-26, +380 (95) 576-26-26, +380 (97) 576-26-26


Email: info@nordostmarine.com (general inquiry), cv@nordostmarine.com (for cv application), crewing@nordostmarine.com (crewing inquiry/crew supply ), travel@nordostmarine.com (ticketing), forwarding@nordostmarine.com (shipping), trading@nordostmarine.com (shipping), captaindarazi@nordostmarine.com (cooperation)


Web: www.nordostmarine.com


License: Ukrainian authority license 1439


Our vacancies: See more here