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Jobs for Deck Ratings

Freelance AB Seaman with dry cargo experience at Arriva Shipping, Anywhere 06-07-2020
Freelance AB at Anglo Eastern in Congo 02-07-2020
Freelance BOSUN for a PSV at Gretimybe, Anywhere 02-07-2020
Freelance European AB on Jack Up at WRS in UK 12-12-2019
Freelance AB Riggers at Seagoing Recruitment in India 11-12-2019
Part-time AB/Crane operator stage 3 with B1 visa at ERSG in USA 11-12-2019
Freelance Bosun on Jack Up at WRS, Anywhere 11-12-2019
Freelance AB at ETPM in UK 10-12-2019
Freelance 2x AB's on a DP2 Jack-up at WRS, Anywhere 05-12-2019
Freelance AB for a PSV at WRS, Anywhere 28-11-2019
Freelance AB on Jack up at WRS, Anywhere 28-11-2019
Freelance Bosun on Jack up at WRS, Anywhere 28-11-2019
Freelance AB/Purser to work onboard a ferry at WRS in UK 27-11-2019
Freelance AB with cooking skills at TOS, Anywhere 26-11-2019
Freelance Ableseaman at WRS, Anywhere 13-11-2019
Freelance AB with strong PSV / North Sea experience at BGI Crew, Anywhere 08-11-2019
Freelance AB on Geo technical drilling vessel at WRS in Nigeria 06-11-2019
Freelance AB on Geo Technical Vessel at WRS in Nigeria 04-11-2019